Our expertise derives from both our accumulated experience and our enthusiasm to embrace the new. We never say “we’ve always done it like this” or “let’s wait and see if this trend actually catches on” – we believe in going ahead and developing strategies for today and tomorrow.
We offer a broad portfolio of services which can all be customised to meet highly specific requirements. Our clients benefit from our large team comprising versatile specialists for all relevant areas. Recognising that each client has different topics, audiences and needs, we reject the notion of one-fits-all blueprints. Rather, we use a variety of approaches and tools to generate fresh ideas and map new communication strategies. Our expertise lies in reinventing our products and services for each new client. We have extensive experience in this field and we enjoy our work. Nobody ever achieved excellence by copying and pasting. Get in touch – we’ll be happy to advise you.
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Content is king. But where do you get the right stories to tell? Our approach is to immerse ourselves in your organisation to identify the exciting narratives which, more often than not, are not even perceived as being noteworthy internally. We find your stories right where they happen. Having collected all relevant information, we complement it by drawing on our knowledge of current trends, our familiarity with your industry and our creative resources. This way we create messages which are of interest to your target audiences and strengthen your positioning. Then we tailor them to the specific needs of your channels and launch them. There’s your content.


Use our bespoke workshops to push ahead your company’s communications efforts. Sit down with our team of experts, share insights, learn new methods and work together towards a defined goal. Each workshop is custom-designed. We differentiate between our Basic Workshop for supporting a company’s first foray into the field of professional public relations, our Strategic Workshop for positioning a business or drafting a strategy, and our Issues Workshop for preparing for, or directly responding to, a crisis situation. You will also receive a post-workshop summary and a list of recommended actions for the next steps of your communications journey.


Direct interaction with media representatives means opportunities and risks at the same time. You need to be aware of the ground rules to make the most of the opportunities in terms of successful communication while avoiding the typical pitfalls. From interviews and briefings to one-on-one talks, including in front of a camera, our experienced trainers can prepare you for these crucial encounters in a supportive and confidential setting. Learn how to bring across your company’s messages and respond to the most varied questions with confidence. Direct and personalised feedback will help you identify and remedy any weaknesses.