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We tackle every new task with passion and curiosity. Every company, every brand, every product has something unique which is of interest to a specific target audience. Our experience ranges from automobiles to bathroom fittings to chargers. Learn all about the industries, topics and issues where we bring to bear our communications expertise for the benefit of our clients. If your line of business does not come up here, we would be even more excited to hear from you – we love new challenges.
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Building, Living & Design

Building, Living & Design was right at home in our office from day one. Whether it is designer faucets, windows or floor coverings, we are optimally networked and familiar with the relevant markets, trade shows and media. Expertise management in the B2B area, in particular, can be crucial to success in this field. With many building and living products being marketed through third parties, the role of specifiers and recommenders is of special importance here. The same is true of many of the current mega trends. For example, the desire for greater sustainability leads to energy-efficient refurbishment projects requiring homeresource-conserving products and solutions; digitalisation manifests itself in multifaceted smart home applications; individualisation leads to ever more personalised product design. At the same time, the ongoing globalisation allows German companies to benefit from booming construction activity in international growth markets. Communications is a key factor when it comes to capitalising on these opportunities.
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Germany’s Industry 4.0 strategy outlines a new set of challenges and opportunities for the German economy, ushering in the next round of digitisation.

Consumer Electronics

Imagining our life without technical progress is hardly possible any more. In many cases, new technologies have led not only to new products but even to completely new categories – things we never imagined we might need and yet we fell in love with them as soon as we saw them. Robots which hoover our floors or mow our lawns, steam showers which pamper us with soothing lights and sounds, and smart devices for comfortable control of sophisticated TV sets, home security systems and all sorts of other appliances around the house. In this kind of fast-moving environment, even high-quality and creative brands are challenged to constantly improve and nurture their public image. Fans of a brand will debate every piece of news in social media, thereby interacting with daily newspapers, news portals and numerous blogs. Our mission is to communicate the unique benefits of a new product to its potential buyers and to highlight the personal benefits that can potentially make their lives better.
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Food & Beverage

Food choices are lifestyle choices. What we eat defines who we are. More than ever before, food choices – from organic to vegan to regional – reveal a person’s way of life and their view of the world. Food topics are constantly presented on all communications channels, from TV advice programmes to Instagram postings. Today’s consumers expect accurate information on the food they ingest, on its provenance as well as on the relevant growing and processing methods. People want guilt-free indulgence, look for food-related information on a regular basis and share their experiences with others. The food industry is a sector of the economy where carefully balanced communication is at a premium. While this industry is susceptible to criticism and regularly suffers from food scares and scandals, manufacturers can leverage their brand capital built up over the years to whet people’s appetites for their new offerings.

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Retail & Distribution

Retail and wholesale are multifaceted sectors which are exposed to numerous new social and technological trends. Under pressure from all directions, this industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. Digitisation continues to propel the growth of online shopping, and traditional stationary trade operators are challenged to reposition themselves as omnichannel retailers. Situational influences are becoming ever more important in consumers’ purchasing decisions and ever fewer customer journeys do not involve going online. Industry expertise and a constantly sharpened communications profile are key when it comes to building and maintaining the loyalty of both retailers and consumers.

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“Every brand has the potential to help shape the future of its industry.” Janine Döring, Partner

Tourism & Leisure

Individuality and flexibility are key to success in today’s tourism industry. The one-package-fits-all business model is history – people want a personalised travel experience and niche vacations are the next big trend. Ocean cruises and motorhome holidays are just two examples. Campervans and motorhomes were frowned upon for many years. Now more and more people come to appreciate the feeling of freedom, adventure and seemingly unlimited possibilities they bring. This change in perception has been aided by modern offerings and emotional storytelling which kindles people’s curiosity and invites them to dream. With almost all age groups nowadays engaging in some form of daily exercise, there is a constantly diversifying market for products and services to help people balance their bodies, minds and souls and to improve their health, well-being and appearance. In this crowded environment, the launch of new concepts needs to be supported by tailor-made communications measures which grab and hold the attention of your target audiences.
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While Germany continues to transform into a service economy, this country is still home to numerous manufacturing companies, including many European and world leaders in their respective industries. Add to this a large number of small-batch manufacturers with highly specialist expertise and skills. What challenges do they need to face today? How can they digitalise their value chains? What are the exact steps involved in their development and production processes? Stakeholders expect meaningful answers to such questions, which puts a premium on targeted communications. From support in transforming into an Industry 4.0 company to visualising a manufacturing process using virtual reality techniques – the enduring importance of manufacturing for the German economy highlights the need to communicate efficiently and professionally on a broad range of topical issues.
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Institutions & Associations

Foundations, associations, initiatives, government departments and other institutions require their own form of communication. Their topics and issues are often of a sensitive or specialised nature and may appear far removed from most people’s everyday lives. Careful consideration of both content and form is imperative here. The concept and its tonality need to match the occasion and the institution’s mission. Our job is to distil the available information into topics and messages which are perceived as being relevant by societal groups and the media in order to generate interest in the issues on the part of journalists and society at large. This may require a lot of persuasion and convincing but once we get going on a topic, our enthusiasm can be contagious. Whether it is a new scientific award or the publication of research results, finding the right words is key. Good communication ensures that even challenging topics get the attention they deserve.

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